Farmers throughout the United States are thrilled with the results of Oxy Blast. They are experiencing healthier livestock and greater profits. Added benefits include not having to spend as much time and money caring for sick animals. Check out what Oxy Blast users have to say ...


Ray & Elva Hurst, Shady Lane Farm


Ken, before I started using Oxyblast for my organic dairy cows I was having a lot of trouble with scc counts over 500,000 and repeated cases of mastitis, a little over a year ago I began using Oxyblast as a water treatment product and began to see a steady decline till scc stabilized around 150,000 sometimes even as low as 80,000. I have also seem a decline in mastis cases till it is very rare to see any in the herd.


This month our dairy held our annual producers meeting and to my surprise our farm was awarded first place with a large cash prize for best quality premium milk. I want to thank you for your part in our achievement, keep doing the great job you have been.


Eric Grim

Well, I have to say that when Gerald had mention a device that would lower my SCC, I was skeptical. But, with what I had observed with the Oxy-Blast and BW A, I thought it was worth the gamble. 

I have to -say I am pleasantly surprised! The grounded unit has been in place almost 6 weeks. Our herds SCC has been ticking down the whole time. The milk pick up on the 16th of this month had a SCC count of I 00,000. That is just unreal. We have struggled with an elevated count for years. Yeah, like everybody else we could lower it by selling high count cows. But, that only works for a while. And the cows are drinking much more. Milk production is up also. The down side to this is that there is so much more urine. Oh well, I will get over that. 

When I get a break from field work I will do an article for Graze. Will keep you posted on that. 


Thanks a BUNCH 

Eric Grim