The Nu-Force  Impact "Farming at the speed of green!"

Our Water Delivery System is Your Growing Solution!
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Our NU-FORCE Water Technologies™ line of products will help decrease your irrigation cost up to 35% by reducing your water usage. Implement our beneficial biology into your foliar program and watch your savings continue to grow and your input cost lower. Every water molecule is revitalized to transport nutrients quicker for better absorption by plants.

  • Maximize your irrigation significantly

  • Increase germination much faster

  • Plants will be better hydrated & increase biomass

  • Reduce water usage by 35%

  • Increase nutritional content & bio availability of nutrients’ to plants

  • Lower input cost dramatically

  • Increase brix (sugar) levels

  • Most important of all:  You get a crop!

Give Yourself a Raise!

Maximize irrigation efficiency & lower fuel costs!

Fill your sprayer tanks with water ran through a Nu-Force™ unit for better absorption by plant tissue and better coverage.  By doing so, you will use 30-40% less inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides).  Not only will you save on input cost, you will see a better yield increase. 




The delivery method of revitalized water allows the surface area of plants with larger mass to produce more photosynthesis for energy release to the whole plant for better health and increased.

Experience greater savings by incorporating our foliar biology’s spray into your program.  You will use less water because the revitalized water takes the nutrients to the next step targeting plant cell tissues for faster hydration levels to increase sugar, protein, amino acids and other key components of photosynthesis. 


Reduce your input cost & get better results! By changing the water molecule to an opposite charge, any element that comes in contact with it will bond and be better absorbed and utilized by the plant tissue; resulting in 35-50% less input usage (fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides), and increased crop yields! 

Increase Hydration & Germination. The revitalized water delivers more oxygen and energy to the inner and exterior cellular levels for increased communication.  Acts as a catalyst that speeds moisture absorption causing the seed to swell more rapidly with life force energy that ignites the seed to germinate quicker. 

Reduce maintenance costs & extend the life of your center pivot irrigation engine. The technical quality of revitalized water has increased tremendously while the problem of calcification has been minimized. This is a considerable advantage for producers in terms of maintenance and durability of their devices when using Nu-Force™ water units. 

Easy  |  Safe  |  Affordable

Low maintenance, efficiently sized and patent-pending technology makes the NU-FORCE™ line of products not just any water system; but, the only effective and dependable water delivery system. Our groundbreaking patent-pending technology is the key to Nu-Force’s™ achievements 

“The Nu-Force™ water unit has restructured the water from my irrigation well which is put through my pivot sprinkler system.  Once it sprinkles the alfalfa it is just unbelievable what it does for the plants.  The plants being watered with the Nu-Force™ units have leaves all the way to the ground.  The foliage is something.  It not only produces more foliage on the plants, it takes LESS water to cover the crop.”

–Walter Doke, Alfalfa Farmer

Water Technologies™ Specialty Services

NU-FORCE Water Technologies™, LLC delivers technologies and beneficial biology’s that are tailored  made for efficiency and lower  your input cost while decreasing your environmental footprint.  Take your production to the next profitable level with lower inputs. 

Structuring Liquid Nitrogen Sources

When incorporating any liquid nitrogen source, remember, water makes up 60-70% of the liquid nitrogen in the initial production such as 28%, 10-34-0, 8-24-0, or 9-30-0.  


These liquid fertilizer sources also have a characteristic salt out temperature

This is where salts at lower temperatures will separate from the carrier (water) and leech near or below the root zone due to inadequate oxygen, nitrogen fixing bacteria, water, etc. Using a NU-FORCE™ water unit will carry these salts much farther into the soil. 

Structuring Liquid fertilizers and its Key Role

Running liquid fertilizer through a NU-FORCE™ water unit prior to application will help eliminate denitrification and lower the salt out temperature of the nitrogen source.

The Importance of Structuring Liquid Nitrogen’s

It will help reduce soil compaction, increase oxygen to the soil media, and nitrogen producing bacteria. Structuring will increase the life force energy of the crop, encourage key beneficial organisms to reproduce, improves nutrient absorption and stimulates root development. 

NU-FORCE™ Operation

Our trademark is our commitment to our customers. Our business relationship starts with a handshake and continues with reliable, knowledgeable, experienced support and service. 

Increase the Performance of Any Type of Irrigation
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Nu-Force™ is a groundbreaking and effective solution for two major issues faced by farmers, ranchers, and producers today:  1) Decreasing water resources and, 2) Increasing droughts and temperatures.  

Nu-Forces’™ line of water revitalizing units utilize patent-pending technology to successfully lower your watering costs and input cost:  dramatically improving your crops success.   

Proven to consistently save on your water usage up to 35% on irrigation systems, Nu-Force’s™ unprecedented results defines a new delivery method of water and ag inputs to all irrigation systems and foliar sprayers.

Plant, animal and human cells tend to absorb water best at around 40 to 45 dynes.  (Dynes is the term used to describe the surface tension of any liquid.)  Regular tap water is around 80 to 85 dynes.  Liquor is about 28 dynes.  Water ran through a Nu-Force™ unit is about 37 to 42 dynes.

Substance Memory

If a substance is placed in water, the water will carry the memory of that substance even when no measurable molecules of the original substance remain.  The water absorbs the electromagnetic frequencies of the substance and will retain this energetic memory even if the original substance is subsequently removed from the water. 

Filtration & Treatment Are Not Enough

To restore water to its healthy, life-giving state; the electromagnetic frequencies of any harmful substances must be removed or improved.  This is precisely what the Nu-Force™ unit accomplishes as water flows through the device in a series of toroidal vortexes. 

Substance Memory

If a substance is placed in water, the water will carry the memory of that substance even when no measurable molecules of the original substance remain.  The water absorbs the electromagnetic frequencies of the substance and will retain this energetic memory even if the original substance is subsequently removed from the water. 

To keep it very simple, when water flows in a toroidal vortex pattern the following benefits occur:

  • De-structured water molecules are restructured

  • Ordered molecular patterns are created out of chaos

  • Corrupted electromagnetic frequencies are transformed to the revitalized water

  • Beneficial electromagnetic frequencies are accumulated into the water


Trials have shown it will take less water to hydrate the plant when the NU-FORCE Revitalization units are used; just as it takes less water to hydrate the plant when it rains. 


NU-FORCE-Produces water loaded with negative hydrogen ions being the most powerful natural antioxidants to counteract damaging free radicals which are the major contributors to degenerative diseases. Negative hydrogen gives up its electron without becoming an unstable harmful free radical. 


Negative hydrogen establishes a biological terrain wherein harmful microbes such as yeasts, bacteria, viruses and other parasites do not remain. 


Negative hydrogen ions display natural alkalizers and antimicrobial agents to maintain cellular fluid balance. 

Negative hydrogen water produced through a NU-FORCE system assists cells to properly hydrate. Dehydrated cells have dilapidated membranes like a deflated ball, and likely stick together. Movement of nutrients and oxygen in and waste out become impeded and cells die prematurely. 


Bottom Line! Nu-Force produce free electrons with a negative hydrogen complex necessary as the raw material for the (mitochondria),energy source within cells to produce energy. The hydrogen to which it is attached is utilized to combat available oxygen expressed as energy produced. 


Electrons are termed the currency of life to neutralize harmful free radicals. If not neutralized by antioxidants such as displayed with negative hydrogen, will destroy bodily compounds while creating more free radicals in the process. 



No electrons are carried anywhere within the living body unless attached to the hydrogen ion for all chemical reactions. 

Nu-Force structured water holds in excess stable oxygen with 5-6 ppm dissolved oxygen content. Four and below is not stable.