Oxy Blast is our brand of hydrogen peroxide that begins with the highest quality product. Other hydrogen peroxide products may contain contaminants, as they never were intended to be used in drinking water. Oxy Blast does not.

Limitations on water intake depress animal performance quicker and more drastically than any other nutrient deficiency. Domesticated animals can live about sixty days without food but only seven days without water. Reduced water consumption can be a sign of sickness or other stressors. Newly arrived animals may refuse water at first due to differences in palatability. Intake always should be carefully monitored for fear of dehydration.

If there is a question of water quality, it should be tested to obtain optimum production, especially in dairy, broiler, layer or swine operations. The main parameters we suggest testing are hardness, pH, nitrates, sulfates, sodium, and iron. We have some companion products that we would recommend if any of the parameters listed above were too high.


Livestock and Poultry producers have reported better overall health in their herds and flocks. They have also reported a drastic reduction of antibiotic use for their animals. This is even more evident when the quality of water is marginal. High levels of SRBs, Iron slime, manganese and iron can reduce water intake dramatically.


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Key Features.


  •  Cleans up contaminants in water

  • ​Cleans water lines, well pumps, drinking fountains, stock tanks, holding tanks, and nipple drinkers

  • ​Is compliant with USDA Organic regulations

  • ​NSF® hydrogen peroxide is available where required by state health departments & DNR

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Hydrogen peroxide was discovered in the early 1800’s. Some of its many uses weren’t discovered until the last half of the 20th century, however. It steadily has gained popularity in the last 25 years, due in part to the efforts of Walter Grotz, one of the pioneers of hydrogen peroxide use in agriculture. Our marketing of Oxy Blast is concentrated in the livestock and poultry industries. To date we have over 5,000 units sold.

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