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Organic Fertilizer - Eco Elements

Eco Elements is a liquid organic lawn and garden fertilizer used during early plant growth (3rd leaf, flower). This fertlizer discourages weed growth and strengthens resistance to disease for optimal plant health.  It also increases nutrient density and maximizes plant energy.


  • Natural Plant Nutrition for Gardens
  • Maximized Amino Acid Profile for Protein
  • Bio- Available Chelated Trace Minerals for Absorption
  • Biological Soil Amendments for Energy

Lawn & Garden Grower

  • Natural Nutrition for Lawns and Growing Plants
  • Maximum Natural Weed Control
  • Bio - Available Chelated Trace Minerals
  • Biological Soil Amendments for Energy
  • Increased Brix (Energy) Levels for Grasses, Trees and Plants
  • Helps Break Down Disease Cycles in Grasses, Trees and Plants
  • Helps Balance Mineral Metabolism

"This is the best garden we have had in over 30 years! We can't believe it! Using Eco Elements fertilizers, Michael won for vegetable gardening at his local 4-H and FFA events. We had huge cabbage, pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, and 2.5-pound potatoes."

Marlys & Michael (her son) - Fall 2013


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