Oxy Blast
hydrogen peroxide water treatment

OxyBlast Agriculture Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment

Healthy livestock equals greater profits for producers. Invest in the future health of your livestock today!

Oxy Blast is a our brand of hydrogen peroxide water treatment for livestock. Oxy Blast treated water increases the feed conversion efficiency of livestock thus reducing a producer’s production cost. It is also an effective tool for reducing many of the health issues associated with well and rural water on livestock operations, as it acts as a natural antibiotic and disinfectant. It contains not only a specially manufactured peroxide, but also several natural herbs that help prevent the spread of disease among animals. Oxy Blast is a cost effective brand of agricultural hydrogen peroxide, helping you to insure that your livestock are consuming both the cleanest and healthiest water possible.

Oxy Blast - Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment Products 

Oxy Blast Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment

  • Cleaner well pumps/ water pipes/ water supply
  • Increased water/feed consumption of animals
  • Reduced respiratory and gut problems  
  • Improved daily gains 
  • Increased feed conversion
  • Lowered medication and vet bills
  • A way to de-chlorinate their water supply
  • A natural de-worming effect
  • Easy to set up



Previously having a somatic cell count of 300,000 with plain hydrogen peroxide, Roland Ekern now has a cell count below 200,000 after switching to Oxy Blast Plus. Read more...

After having a calf mortality rate between 10-15%, Oxy Blast helped Levi Byler ship 200 out of 201 calves. Read more...

Oxy Blast helped to combat the chronic yeast infection, in the hooves of Tanya Carlson's pony. Read more... 

Oxy Blast Plus helped a supervisor get rid of his swines' respitory infections in 2 days. Read more...

A chicken farmer in Ohio saw an increase of 1,000 eggs layed per day from his flock. Read more...

Earth Elements

Organic fertilizer for your complete lawn, garden and tree programs.


  • Natural Plant Nutrition for Gardens
  • Maximized Amino Acid Profile for Protein
  • Bio- Available Chelated Trace Minerals for Absorption
  • Biological Soil Amendments for Energy

Lawn & Garden Grower

  • Natural Nutrition for Lawns and Growing Plants
  • Maximum Natural Weed Control
  • Bio - Available Chelated Trace Minerals
  • Biological Soil Amendments for Energy
  • Increased Brix (Energy) Levels for Grasses, Trees and Plants
  • Helps Break Down Disease Cycles in Grasses, Trees and Plants
  • Helps Balance Mineral Metabolism

We also carry water revitalization units
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