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Oxy Blast can be used in Livestock Operations, Greenhouses, Organic Farming ..... and much more. Healthy livestock equals greater profits for producers. Invest in the future health of your cattle, swine or poultry operation today. We offer a variety of product packages and sizes. We also offer metering pumps, and test strips. Give us a call today if you have questions about our hydrogen peroxide, other products, or would like to know prices.

Below, we've summarized some of the observations of our customers. Also see our page on scientific studies.

Customers have Noticed:

  • Cleaner well pumps/ water pipes/ water supply
  • Increased water/feed consumption of animals
  • Reduced respiratory or gut problems  
  • Improved daily gains 
  • Increased feed conversion
  • Lowered medication and vet bills
  • De-chlorinate their water supply
  • A natural de-worming effect

Swine Producers Report Lower Incidence of:

  • Stomach ulcers
  • Heitis
  • Hemmoragic bowel syndrome
  • PRRS
  • Circo virus
  • Strep Infections

I am a supervisor of a large swine company in Iowa and have been using Oxy Blast Plus in the finishing barns for several years now.  H2O2 for PigsWe have used it in the medicator with great success against most diseases we have run up against.

Respiratory infections have always been a big problem, but not since we started using Oxy Blast Plus. We can knock it out in 48 hours. We also have gone as high as 3 gallons of Oxy Blast Plus 50 in 10 gallons of water. A group of hogs weighing 250 lbs were quite sick. I tried this formula and in 48 hours they completely turned around. We sold them two weeks later.

Without Oxy Blast Plus, I may have lost 8 to 10 percent of our finishing hogs. We have several systems in place and have been very happy with the Oxy Blast Plus.

I have been using Oxy Blast Plus for three years.  I had a real bad iron problem in my water.  When I put up my swine finishing site a few years ago, I put in two new pressure tanks.  Within four months they were full of rust.  I then put in an Oxy Blast Plus system.  My iron problems are completely gone.  It cleaned up everything!  The death loss on my 4,000 head finishing site was reduced greatly and I have very few pigs that get sick.  As an added bonus for the company I contract feed for, medication costs were reduced tremendously-as much as $1.00 per head per turn.  Even in the presence of PRRS, my hogs have very little death loss or sickness.  I believe in Oxy Blast Plus and will continue to use it.

-Stan Reno

A Central Iowa pork producer reported that the pigs coming out of his nursery on Oxy Blast were 6 lbs. heavier than the last group that were not on Oxy Blast.

A Northeast Iowa pork producer says that when using Oxy Blast in his nursery and finisher, it has made a big difference against respiratory problems. He also stated that after hearing them start to hack, he put Oxy Blast in the medicator and 24 hrs. later the hacking and coughing had stopped.

-Alden, IA

A Western Iowa pork producer reported that they do not use many drugs now because the use of Oxy Blast it has made the pigs healthier. When he takes them off the Oxy Blast the problems return. He has experienced death losses due to E.coli and coughing, but when he puts them back on the Oxy Blast the problems stop.

 Central Iowa pork producer claims he has no more problems with ileitis in his finishing hogs. He used to use Tylan in the feed at 100 grams/T. and it was very expensive. Now he no longer uses Tylan because of the success of the Oxy Blast. That alone has saved him $2.00 per pig!

"Oxy Blast has virtually eliminated all strep infections in the knees and joints of my swine herd in the finishing barn. I also had almost no tail ender pigs last month for the first time."

- K.K., Nebraska

"We used to go through pallets of respiratory drugs for our hogs, but now with the use of Oxy Blast in the water, we use almost no drugs."

- M.B., Minnesota

"Oxy Blast has replaced almost all of my antibiotics in my swine finishers, reduced death loss, and helped my pigs gain almost 2 lbs. per head per day! Water consumption has increased dramatically and the pigs are more active. My site manager even said he would be willing to pay for the Oxy Blast before he would let me discontinue using the product."

- T.T. Iowa

Just this week I heard of other benefits from the use of Oxy Blast.  This report comes from a dealer who works with a fairly large hog operation. He told me that they have two finishing buildings fairly close to each other; one had Oxy Blast being used in it, while the other did not.  The building with the Oxy Blast had significantly less odor and flies in and around that building than the building without the Oxy Blast.  We have heard reports like this before. That’s the power of oxygen at work.  Don’t be afraid to let your livestock and poultry customers know that they, too, could see a reduction of odor and flies when using Oxy Blast.


Dairy Producers Report:

  • Increases milk yields- peaks are longer
  • Lowers somatic cell counts
  • Increases butterfat content
  • Reduces retained placentas
  • Helps reduce scours in new-born calves
  • Increases levels of colostrum after calving
  • Reduces incidences of mastitis
  • Eliminates foot rot
  • Can be applied topically to hairy warts
  • Treatment for mastitis
  • Removes milk-stone from pipeline
  • Improves conception rates
  • Stronger heat cycles

We have been using water from our 2½ acre lake since 2000 for our 120 cow dairy. The water was cloudy and the waterers were always dirty. We thought we should treat the water with something but didn’t know what to use. We got information on Oxy Blast at the Dairy Expo and then Glen Ramsey called on us. He was certain Oxy Blast would clear up our water and also lower our cell count. Our cell count was running around 250,000. Our milk company was offering another $0.20/cwt for cell counts below 200,000, so if Oxy Blast would lower our cell count enough to get that bonus, the product would be paid for with plenty left over.

We started using Oxy Blast in October 2007, and by December of that year our cell count was 190,000, so we got our bonus! I assume the lines all had algae in them and needed to be cleaned out. Our cell count continued to fall and we wondered where it would stop. The lowest month was June 2008 with an average of 89,000! We expected it would rise some over the summer months. Our average for September 2008 was 142,000. The water has stayed clear in the waterers. The product did what they told us it would and has paid for itself several times.

-Lynnford Oberholtzer, Rutledge, Missouri

A Minnesota dairyman reported after three months on Oxy Blast that he did not have any green slime (algae) building up in his stock tanks. His cows were drinking more water; his butterfat was up to 4.2; and a manure sample revealed that worms were no longer present.

Another Minnesota dairyman reported after two months on Oxy Blast that his butterfat was up to 4.4, the highest he has ever had from his 200 holsteins. Somatic cell counts were at 120,000, down from 400,000 while his conception was the best ever. The hoof trimmer said he noticed the hooves were much harder this time.

A Dairyman in Wisconsin reports that he has used hydrogen peroxide for over twenty-two years. He recently switched to Oxy Blast and has noticed his somatic cell count reduce by over 30% ! He has also developed many other treatments using hydrogen peroxide over the years including a uterine flush that helps eliminate infections. His formula is 10 cc’s in 1/2 gal. of warm water.

Another Wisconsin dairyman claims in over twelve years he has used hydrogen peroxide, he has come up with hydrogen peroxide protocols for eliminating things like warts, foot rot, Johne’s disease, acidosis, plus most viral diseases in calves. He says hydrogen peroxide also makes a good and economical teat dip and udder wash.

“We are going into our third year of using 50% Oxy Blast Plus.  Our dairy has had great results since starting on your water treatment system.  We have extremely high iron content in our water. We can see that the water is now clean and clear in our free stall. The quality has definitely improved. Today we treat fewer cows for clinical mastitis than ever before. Our somatic cell has improved so we earn greater premium dollars.  Fresh cows have fewer infections because they clean very well. The number of services-to-settle is less now as a result. Our hoof health has improved, fewer lame cows and less hairy warts.

   Normally, we would clean our waterlines to the free stalls every month. The Oxy Blast Plus now stays ahead of the rust build-up.  Our veterinarian stopped one day to ask if we had switched to a different vet clinic, because we do not call them as often anymore. We have reduced our vet expense by half.”

“I have used (plain hydrogen) peroxide for about 22 years and liked it.  But I noticed when I began using Oxy Blast Plus that the (somatic) cell count came down and seemed to stabilize.  The count stays below 200,000 most of the time. (He was running above 300,000.) I feel our all-around herd health is also better.  I have used it on tough cases of uterus infection. For this, I infuse 10 ccs per ½ gallon of warm water.”

-Roland Ekern

"With the use of Oxy Blast, we have seen more consistently high dairy milk yields. In fact, last month was our highest average yield ever. Rust is no longer a problem either."

- E.L., Iowa

"After 22 years of using plain hydrogen peroxide, I tried Oxy Blast on my dairy cows. I noticed my somatic cell count was reduced substantially and the overall health of my herd has also improved."

- R.E., Wisconsin


Feedlot Cattle Producers Report:

  • Reduced shipping fever
  • Improved hoof conditions
  • Cattle are more content
  • Less waterborne diseases

Two test groups of 400 head of steer calves were put on the test. One group was on rural water with no OxyBlast while the other group was on well water with 11PPM of Oxy Blast. The well water was high in iron, TDS & sulfates. The cattle on the well water have never performed as well as the cattle on the rural water - usually .6 of a ib/head/day, but on OxyBlast....  Download & read the rest of the study!

I thought I would drop you a line and let you know about the experience I had with your product, Oxy Blast. As you know I raise veal calves in upstate New York.  Before using Oxy Blast, my mortality and cull rate ran 10% - 15%.  We have used Oxy Blast in the past from time to time but hadn’t used it for a complete cycle from start to finish.  The pH in our water changes with the different seasons and also when it rains so, we decided to use PC-7 (the acidifier) to lower our pH. and use along with the Oxy Blast.  We started 201 calves and ended up shipping 200 calves twenty weeks later! (which was the end of March 2008).  We feel that the Oxy Blast made a big difference on our mortality and in turn made the calves healthier which saved us money on our medications.  We also feel that the calves ate better through the cycle. We used Oxy Blast at the rate of 50 PPM for our maintenance level and when calves showed respiratory problems coming on we went to 100 PPM for 4 to 5 days and they cleared right up.

 In the past if major temperature changes occurred, the calves would most likely come down with a respiratory infection.  During this cycle if the temperature was going to change we raised the Oxy Blast to 100 PPM and we were able to keep the calves from getting sick.

 We’re very happy with the results that we got from these products and are looking forward to the next group of calves to see what else we may be able to improve.

 -Levi Byler, Romulus, New York

Poultry Raisers Report:

  • Less incidence of disease
  • Less leg and tendon problems
  • Drier litter
  • Better egg quality for layers

In the fall of 1983, over 1,000,000 chickens were given hydrogen peroxide in their drinking water because of the avian flue epidemic.  None of these birds got the flue, but before the epidemic was over, 11,000,000 chickens had to be destroyed and were put in a landfill.

A chicken farmer in eastern Ohio, with a flock of 20,000 egg layers, found that by putting hydrogen peroxide in their drinkin~ water, the egg production went up 1,000 eggs per day.  We now have a farmer raising 350,000 egg laying chickens on hydrogen peroxide.

A chicken raiser who raises heavy chickens said the problem she usually has had with the chicken's legs and tendons breaking was greatly decreased after using hydrogen peroxide in their drinking water.  She also noticed when she dressed the chicken, there were no breast blisters.

I am currently eating broilers raised on hydrogen peroxide and think they are the best chickens I have eaten since I was a small child.

If we buy chicken from the supermarket, I rinse or soak them in a 3% dilute solution first to rid them of possible salmonella.

This month’s testimonial comes from a new farmer/dealer from Bowersville, Georgia named Mike Moorhead.  Mike contract raises broiler chickens for Columbia Farms of Lavonia, Georgia. He is put into a pool of several other broiler raisers, and usually comes out somewhere in the middle of the pack.  Last February he started his first flock of broilers on Oxy Blast Plus, and finished at the top of his pool.  Because his death loss was lowered by two-thirds and his feed conversion was better, he received over $26,000 more than the last group for the twelve houses of chickens!   Mike also has a 200 cow dairy that he put on Oxy Blast Plus in April. His herd normally has mastitis on a regular basis, but these cows have not had one incidence since he put the cows on Oxy Blast Plus!  In addition, his stock tanks never have been so clean!

Speaking of chickens, this month’s testimonial comes from a broiler producer named Gerald Otwell from Stamps, Arkansas. Back in January, he decided to try some Oxy Blast Plus for his broilers.  He saw a little benefit, but because he was in the middle of a flock, he was not able to run it for the entire turn and see any bigger benefits.

The next flock he started from the baby chick stage all the way to market.  As some of you may know, broiler producers usually compete with each other in a group.  The higher you finish in that group, the more money you make from incentives.  Gerald had been running in the “middle of the pack,” so to speak, for several years.  After his first complete flock of broilers using Oxy Blast Plus, he finished at number one!  Gerald called back this morning to order more Oxy Blast Plus, and was hopeful to reclaim his number one position!

"We've been able to replace the chlorine and the citric acid with Oxy Blast alone in the water of our layer flocks at a very economical price."

 - D.N., Iowa

We have been raising broilers for 35 years in the Westville, Oklahoma area.  We have two conventional-ventilated broiler houses whereas most of the growers here have tunnel ventilated houses with cool cell systems.

In mid-summer of 2006, we were informed by our poultry contractor that we would not receive another contract to raise birds unless we got out of the high 40’s.  A distributor of yours recommended that we try the Oxy Blast Plus.  So with nothing to lose and everything to gain, we gave it a try.  In the last flock that we sold we placed number five and the poultry contractor has since extended our contract another year.

We would personally like to thank you and your distributor for introducing us to this product.  I would not hesitate to recommend Oxy Blast Plus.

Just a note to let you know that now my farm has gone through 3 batches with Oxy Blast Plus 50. The first batch was started 2 weeks into the flock and did not do well.  The second  flock started on day one and did better than the previous 10 flocks.  The last flock sold the last week of April and it looks like it will be the #1 flock for the week!!!  I do not plan on starting any more flocks without your product!

-Howell Howard


H2O2 for Turkeys

A number of turkey raisers throughout the U.S. and Canada are using hydrogen peroxide in their drinking water.  A turkey raiser in Canada put 20,000 turkeys on hydrogen peroxide. In the same growing time, they averaged 1½ pounds more per bird, used 8½ less feed and the mortality rate went down. In Missouri a turkey raiser told me he took his turkeys from chicks to market without any medication or antibiotics.  One of the head veterinarians of the State of Missouri was asked about the use of hydrogen peroxide in the drinking water of turkeys. His comment was, "It's only water and oxygen and cannot hurt them.  It will not show up in the chemical residue test."  This same farmer was awarded the Grower of the Month award.

A turkey grower in Wisconsin told me after using hydrogen peroxide on his turkeys, that his chemical residue test came back with zero chemical residue.



Home Users

We purchased our home two years ago without having an “official” home inspection done.  The water was undrinkable from such a high content of iron and a horrible odor of sulfur.  When the shower in the north side of the house was turned on, the smell in the living room on the south side was unbearable.  Everything turned orange, including my blonde hair, which turned something like a punk rocker!  It required an expensive chemical treatment once a month to remove the orange.

An $8,000 water-conditioning unit was purchased, new water pipes, and a new hot water heater were installed, and still there were no changes to our water problems.

Just when we had almost given up, my husband read a farm magazine’s positive testimony about Oxy Blast Plus, so we gave Ken Brown, of Progressive Alternatives, LLC, a call and had the system installed.  The great results were immediate!  Our water taste, odor, and iron content changed drastically for the better.

An additional side advantage is the improvement in our daughter’s aquarium.  Two weeks after adding Oxy Blast Plus to the tank, a long lingering ulceration on an Angelfish was cleared up.

 We recommend the Oxy Blast Plus system to anyone.

- Alice and Dave Bridges

 “I would like to thank Ken Brown for installing the Oxy Blast Plus hydrogen peroxide system in my waterline.  This is the first time I can take a drink of water right out of the bathroom sink faucet or the kitchen sink since I put my well in. That was in 1980.  I have it set between 25 and 50 ppm by the hydrant at the house.  It comes out at about 5 ppm at the barn. The smell and bad taste is gone.  You can use this for advertising if you want.”

-Ken Woehl, Thomson, IL      

 “Before we started using Oxy Blast Plus, we had sulfur and iron problems with our well water.  If the taste and smell from the sulfur weren’t bad enough, the iron was always staining the tubs and stools in the house.  I was always having to scrub to get everything clean. I never drank the tap water because of the sulfur smell and taste in the water.  Then I heard about Oxy Blast Plus and decided to give it a try. It was everything I dreamed it would be and more.  Since using Oxy Blast Plus, I don’t have to scrub the fixtures like I did in the past, and now I drink the water out of the tap.  I would recommend Oxy Blast Plus to anyone that is having problems with their water.”

–Debbie Winkle, Lexington, TX

"We replaced chlorine with Oxy Blast in the water for our 1000 sow operation and saw our scour problems almost completely go away. The bacterial rust has also disappeared and the rust staining was reduced extensively."

- E.P., Illinois




We do not recommend adding water medication to the water at the same time you add Oxy Blast. Some medications will cause plugging up of the nipple waterer when mixed with Oxy Blast. Do not use Oxy Blast when administering a live or modified live vaccine through the water. Also do not use Oxy Blast when mixing up your silage inoculates. Oxy Blast will effect live silage or feed additives.


No claims are being made or implied from the benefits listed on this web-site. These are only observations that are made by producers and veterinarians.

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